About Laguna Creative Ventures

Laguna Creative Ventures (LCV) is a locally formed group dedicated to building the future of Laguna Beach with inspiration from the heritage that defined this place and its powerful creative eco-system. The Laguna Beach creative eco-system has many roles and responsibilities and includes artistry, non-conformity, thought leadership, and diversity.

As a Laguna Beach-based company, LCV has a vested interest in revitalizing and feeding the creative eco-system of Laguna Beach. LCV aims to utilize the city’s legacy to create lifestyle and cultural destinations that attract a keen group of locals and visitors, the Creative Class, to invest in Laguna Beach’s history, contemporary life, core values, and unique potential. To the Creative Class, luxury isn't defined by material possessions or brand recognition, but by meaningful experiences. LCV improves and influences local authenticity, outdoor discoveries, art, music, diversity of cultures and experiences, and more.

The Creative Class seeks unique and original experiences that are thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing; they want to be a part of the local culture, discover experiential value, exquisite natural phenomenon, unique and compelling art, authentic music, diversity of cultures, and a mix of influences. The Creative Class is not just artists, poets, designers, and writers; these are knowledge-based professionals whose primary job function is to develop new ideas, new technology, new solutions, and creative content. They’re scientists, engineers, university professors, architects, medical professionals, and environmentalists. They thrive in an atmosphere that feeds their curiosity and need for new and inspiring experiences. Having the support of the Creative Class in Laguna Beach can add texture, diversity, and personality to the social fabric of this city. They bring willingness to participate in and support the arts – the backbone of our local culture. As a population, they seek out a Quality of Place and share their discoveries with their peers, spreading our reputation, our creativity and our local authenticity.

A Quality of Place holds authenticity in the fusion of the natural and the built environment. This quality presents a stimulating and appealing setting for the pursuit of experience and discovery. It has a thriving and unique local culture that’s diverse and provides clear cues that this is a community where anyone can fit in. Quality of Place is not a frill or a manufactured style, it is a necessity in a creative environment, and it is something that is in our roots as a community. LCV aims to help those roots grow with the future of Laguna Beach.



Evan Senn