The Hive

The Hive is the 805-856 Laguna Canyon Road commercial property assortment previously known as Festival Center. With the help of Laguna Creative Ventures, The Hive is growing into a cultural and creative hub for people in the Laguna Arts District, perpetuating the incubation and collaboration of creative thought and life. The Hive has a variety of tenants already in place and a variety of new prospective tenants to fill the much-needed gaps in this area. With eight-to-12 customizable spaces available in this center, The Hive currently has Laguna Beach Beer Company, Kitchen in the Canyon, Ivory, Flashman Designs, Prevail, Silver Jeans, Laguna Beach Candle Co., and a satellite location for Laguna College of Art and Design’s (LCAD) Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Departments. LCAD also utilizes this space as an art gallery during summer months and an open studio for students during the school year. Neighboring the artistic incubator of [seven-degrees], as well as Sawdust Festival, Another Kind Vietnamese Cuisine, and LCAD’s student housing, this area is surrounded with professional creators, artisans, foodies, art lovers, as well as eager students of creative practices, making this center the perfect hub and hive for the creative community. A creative ecosystem thrives when fed with creators, students, makers, observers, enthusiasts and consumers, protecting the future of the creative class with diverse, unique and genuine experiences. As a jumpstart to this new era, The Hive is proudly participating in the 2018 Summer of Color, providing space for well-known large-scale artists to paint exquisite murals on the façades of The Hive businesses that are interested in participating.



How will the plans for The Hive affect the parking?

The Hive already had a number of parking spaces within the lot, as well as street parking. We will make sure that the parking stalls are clearly marked and easily accessible. Any updates should not affect the parking availability.

How will this project affect the traffic in this area?

The traffic in this area has been difficult at regular rush hour times for years, but we do not anticipate that our improvements will affect traffic in any measurable way.

How will The Hive be helping the community conserve water?

The Hive will not be using more water than the Festival Center did. We have native California plant life, and are committed to aiding the public conservation of water in Laguna Beach.

What are you going to be doing with the materials you use in construction or renovation?

We are committed to keeping the materials we use in renovations to a minimum, and will be mindful with how we dispose of anything in that process.

Do you have allowances or permits for all of the work you are doing to The Hive?

Yes, we have gone through all necessary processes deemed by the city of Laguna Beach, to make sure everything we are doing is approved and allowed.

What is LCV, exactly?

Laguna Creative Ventures (LCV) is a creative development company that specifically works with The Laguna Beach Company properties and assets.

What is the Laguna Arts District?

The Laguna Arts District is the area from the Sawdust Festival property down to the Laguna Playhouse. That area is designated by the city for creative use and support.

Why did you name it The Hive?

We named it The Hive because we want this space to be a gathering center between all of the festivals and artistic businesses that surround it. The Hive will be the nucleus of this system, where the creatives can get fueled, inspired or relaxed.

Are you going to change the architecture of the center?

We may improve structure to the facility in the future, but not without ample approval and permission.

What are you going to do with those blue tile mosaics?

Currently, the blue tile mosaics are safely being kept underneath the murals that were installed as a part of Summer of Color 2018.

What changes to the land use have been made?

There have been no changes to the land use.

Won’t the murals distract the wildlife?

Many mammals are colorblind or have very poor color vision; they see limited colors and different colors than humans. Most animals rely on multiple senses to hunt or forage; they are also not that fond of humans or cars. Most animals in this area will stay hidden in the nature of the canyon, but it is unlikely that if they came to The Hive they would be distracted by the colors.