Our current culture is no longer defined by industry and production, but instead, by creativity and technological innovation. The target population to contribute to our society and help keep it moving forward is that of creatives and creative-supporters.  The entire system that creative activity emerges can be explained as a creative ecosystem. This ecosystem helps to cultivate creative thought, people and distinct creative places, encouraging the creative class to visit and participate in said places and activities at those places. For any creative destination, it is important to acknowledge and care for all components in the creative ecosystem, in order for the ecosystem to grow and thrive.

The term creative ecosystem has been in circulation since 2000 when it first appeared in BusinessWeek. Defining a form of infrastructure, this system that creative activity emerges from includes a few core components:

The creative person, the creative project and the creative environment, and well as the functional relationships that connect them.

In this specific day and age, creative economies must be aware of how creativity, innovation and culture are important factors for the competitiveness of not only companies, but also for nations, cities and regions, particularly as we move from goods and service economies to “experience” economies.

So, what makes our ecosystem?

The Artists, The Dreamers, The Makers, The Observers, The Communicators, and The Investors. Together, we make the creative ecosystem.

What does this have to do with LCV?

LCV aims to help our community and visitors understand the unique creative ecosystem that exists in Laguna Beach. Additionally, all projects, businesses, and efforts for LCV must serve the greater creative ecosystem of Laguna Beach and its authentic future. It is our mission and purpose at LCV to help Laguna Beach stay true to its creative ecosystem and help the creative ecosystem thrive now and forever.

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